The Happy Bay News

The Happy Bay News initially started as an idea for the Hawke’s Bay community. Together with FOTO IWI Charitable Trust and local rangatahi the concept was to produce a casual printed magazine focusing on local people and good news around our city. The name was put forward and the idea went from there.

Rangatahi contribute by way of images, illustrations, planning and ideas bringing their voice and viewpoints to the final publication.

Now into the fourth edition this publication is reaching across Napier, Hastings and Central Hawkes Bay with a growing team of 10 students, keen to seek out people and stories on people doing great stuff in their community.

Highlights have been Mia aged 14 meeting Enid aged 90 as part of a story on cycling for aged,Tobey, (15) covering Tim a local competing in the Special Olympics and Chris ( 150 covering the couple behind Duck Day in Waipawa, raising money for Ronald McDonald House, and many more uplifting stories of local often unnoticed, community heroes.

Every story, this young team gains a skill in some way, from confidence building through to belief in self and team work, mentored by Trust manager and Facilitator, Shayne Jeffares.The last edition was circulated into Local Council Senior Housing as well as libraries, community hubs, some schools and local cafes; a total of 8,000 copies have been circulated so far.

Planning for the next publication in a ‘cafe style’ with participating cafes having these in their businesses to reach more people in the community, and attract small advertising to offset some promotional costs. 2024 the plan is to provide more platforms for rangatahi to connect with the community around them, work alongside others and learn new media skills, as well as bringing their own ideas to this youth focussed project.

Ideas such as podcasting, video production and editing and live event coverage will allow for the team to grow into other media areas giving valuable skills for creativity and future career pathways.

The Happy Bay News

Photo: The foundation team in 2021, Image credit Napier City Council.

"Thanks to the generous support of the Trust House Foundation grant, HOA has recently acquired 8 Artist Panels, providing our contributors with a dynamic platform to showcase their work."

Heart of Arts

"Without the support from Trust House Foundation we could not have run all these activities for our community and provide them at a cost-effective rate."

Porirua Basketball

"The generous support from Trust House Foundation has enabled Arita to carry out this values-based and fulfilling work in 2023, and has helped set an example of how we can set young leaders up for success in learning and development roles which create positive outcomes in their community."

Shoebox Christmas

"Massive thanks to Trust House for this funding that ensures the impacts of the WELLfed programme are maximised in 2023 "


"The Grant was to contribute towards our Food Services Manager.  Our wonderful Heath helps the community and corporate groups cook dinner for the families and provides meals throughout the day.  This provides the families with more time to spend with their family while their child is in hospital. "

Ronald McDonald Charitable Trust

"On behalf of Waimanaaki and the Live and Learn Trust, we thank you for your grant to help the camp in a range of ways. With these funds we have been able to purchase sixty new mattresses for campers to enjoy in the cabins. These new mattresses have a hospital-grade cover to help ease cleaning and maintain safe, hygienic practices to ensure all those who stay in the cabins are comfortable and well looked after for many camps to come. We have also been able to purchase a generator to power the campsite during outages and provide electricity for the local Riversdale residents if there is a prolonged outage. We have also completed the upgrade to all the gas regulators on-site to ensure we are up to code
and all safe.."

The Learn ‘N’ Live Trust

"Through the generosity of Trust House and their grant-funding programme we receive much needed funds which enable our Educator to see over 5000 tamariki across in the North Wellington region."

Life Education Trust North Wellington